Custom Web Design vs Web Template

Custom Web Design vs Web Template

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Web sites are in great demand nowadays. That’s a given fact. If the internet was a highway, it had probably been stuck with cars that endlessly pile up to cause traffic. Imagine this. If your car was at the end of a traffic line, you know that you will never reach your destination. Either you get dumped by your boss due to tardiness, or you find another way to get to where you should be.

Web site guides work in a similar analogy. The highway is the internet itself, the web sites are the cars that get “trafficked” and you, the driver, is the businessman.

While some businessmen earn bigger because their web sites have great product information and promotion, others end up being stuck to where they are. And it’s all because they failed to see the difference between a custom website and a simple web design template. If you are serious about your business you will see the benefits of having a London website designer to build the website.


A customized web site is totally unique. It was fashioned to exactly represent your company, your brand, or your clients. On the contrary, simple web design templates typically look the same, thus they lack the professional touch. This makes customers unsure of whether they should spend time on your products and services.


A custom website is more expensive over the plain web template. If you want a short-term exposure to your products and services, you may forget about having a customized web site. But if you want better exposure for a longer period of time, you really have to invest in the customized one.


a custom website has a content management system that allows you to keep the contents of the web site updated.


The graphics in a customized web site usually has higher resolution, so in the case that customers may want to print your products, they won’t be disappointed with the picture. Sometimes, the pictures in simple web sites are also borrowed from other sources, making an even poorer resolution and print quality.

Having said all these, now you are equipped with the right information on why you should aim for a custom website design in London. In a world full of highly competitive businesses, you should think ahead, plan ahead, and of course, be on top of the web.