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Webinar with Liz Pape

Free Online Education: NACOL is sponsoring a webinar with Liz Pape, CEO/President of the Virtual High School. Mrs. Pape will describe several efforts to design online course standards and how they can be used to evaluate online courses. She will also describe how the Virtual High School’s design standards are incorporated into teacher professional development.

Get more info or see a list of previous NACOL webinars. Scott McLeod

FREE Management of Online Learning course from NCREL

The North Central Regional Educational Laboratory is offering their new Management of Online Learning course as a service to their Regional State Education Agencies (SEA) during June 2019. The facilitator for these sessions will be Dr. Greg Kearsley, LPA’s online learning consultant and principal designer for all NCREL’s online courses.

Each SEA is encouraged to recruit and nominate up to 20 state educational leaders representing key SEA staff members and project managers, key intermediate agency personnel and representatives from another significant state K-12 education stakeholder groups.

This course is FREE and Minnesota still has slots to fill! They have about 16-18 spots for anyone interested. The course will be delivered (online, of course) over three weeks between June 6 – June 20. (If you are not in Minnesota, you might want to contact your SEA to see if they still have slots available.)

If you are interested in having a Minnesota spot, please complete the application form (Download ncrel_course_information.doc) and return it to Glory Kibble at by May 16.

This intensive three-week online class is intended to provide school administrators with a better understanding of online learning through firsthand experience. The course covers the following major topics:

This is a great opportunity to take advantage of NCREL’s expertise in online learningAnd did I mention it’s free? Amy Garrett Dikkers

Virtual School Symposium (Free Online Education)

Involved in K-12 virtual schooling? Wish you were or would like to know more about the issues? The North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) has issued its call for proposals for its Virtual School Symposium 2005. Hang out live with a bunch of folks who are used to doing things virtually! Scott McLeod

Distance learning in rural Alabama

Another case of distance learning taking the edge of the digital divide – two rural high schools in one county in Alabama will soon have access to many of the resources at the larger urban school. Link: The Greenville Advocate: News.

[“We will be able to offer high school courses such as our advance (sic) placement classes that might not be offered at our smaller schools,” he said. “We plan to broadcast our AP calculus, biology and chemistry classes, among others.”

Matthew Shell, the system’s technology coordinator, said each school or auxiliary property will have a receiver up to 140 feet in height. The schools will have classrooms wired with technology that allows a teacher in Greenville High School to see and hear students in Georgiana and McKenzie.]Amy Garrett Dikkers

Virtual School Symposium 2019

Mark your calendars! This premier virtual learning conference will bring teachers, administrators, and policymakers representing online learning programs in grades K-12 together at the Denver Convention Center in Denver, Colorado. October 23, 2005    Pre-Conference

See site: North American Council for Online LearningJayson Richardson

Government 2.0 (Free Online Education)

We are in the midst of a historic change similar to what we experienced a century ago when starry-eyed Progressives sought to remake government in the image of a private sector revolutionized by technology. The Progressive Era gave us the civil service system, the city manager, independent public authorities, administrative agencies, and the Federal Reserve. Our own Information Era requires similarly sweeping changes. Take education, for instance: by changing how teachers teach, how students learn, how schools are managed, even what schools are, online learning has the potential to alter the structure and system of public education in ways every bit as fundamental, if not more so, than vouchers, charters, national standards, smaller class sizes and other better-known public-school reforms.

Read more in William Eggers’ important new book (making the think tank circuit inside the beltway right now), Government 2.0: Using Technology to Improve Education, Cut Red Tape, Reduce Gridlock, and Enhance Democracy.Douglas Levin (Cable in the Classroom)

Online Learning Institute (Free Online Education)

The UCCP Online Teaching and Learning Institute 2005 is now soliciting proposals from teachers, administrators, and others interested in “optimizing the Internet to enhance the classroom experience.” The institute will be held in beautiful Santa Cruz, California from July 20-22. If you go, watch out for the banana slugs!Scott McLeod

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