Mac Vs PC Comparison 2020

Mac Vs PC Comparison 2020

Mac Vs PC: Mac and PC platforms for a long time living, but now it seems that the struggle between them has intensified. Although it sounds incredible, the Mac has taken a big leap in sales thanks to the success of iPods as an audio player. This has succeeded, when looking for a computer, many people hesitate about which platform is “better.” Hardware
A PC is a computer based on the instruction set derived from the Intel x86 and formerly known as IBM Compatible, since this company was the first to manufacture.
Apple computers are called Mac (for Macintosh original name) and previously used a different instruction set. After several changes, Apple adopted a few years ago Intel, which makes it “very similar” to the PC.
Yet the architecture is different and is not directly possible to install a PC operating system on a Mac, or vice versa.
Some of the companies to “join” PCs are IBM, HP, DELL, Gateway, Acer, Toshiba, etc.

The only company to “join” Macs is Apple Computers.
I say “join” because the components are of many different manufacturers such as Samsung, Sony, Kingston, LG, Asus, Western Digital, Seagate, etc. These vendors provide both the Mac and the PC, so that a team is better than another at the hardware level is not possible.


PC operating systems are the most common Microsoft Windows and Linux, although there are other flavors of Unix that can be used.
In Mac OS is the Mac OS X, but it is also possible to install Microsoft Windows by just adding software that allows the simultaneous initiation.
Each platform includes a set of basic applications that grew over the years due to competition, but the purists say that an OS should be invisible, and leave the third party applications.

How to choose

To choose which platform to use to keep in mind the following points:

Why should I use the computer

Broadly speaking, PCs are better for business activities while Macs are better for entertainment.
Many people say that Macs are better for graphic design, but considering that many years ago that most design applications have been ported to the PC environment, that does not have much basis.
Also, the Microsoft Office suite runs on Mac for many years, so no one can say that the Mac is not used for business activities. Other suites like Open Office runs on both platforms.
The problem is in network environments. When our company works with a network based on Microsoft Windows servers, PCs are more easily installed and configured. Also in today’s market is easier to find business software for MS Windows than for Mac OS X. If you install Linux on a PC (or another flavor of unix) this advantage is lost. I have experience in that platform

If you do not have much experience with computers and have always worked with PC + MS Windows, is not very “practical” buy a Mac for use outside of work, and you must learn a new environment. Note that the Microsoft Office for Mac OS X is not exactly the same as Windows. If you have good computer skills, you can move from PC to Mac or vice versa without any problems. A little knowledge in Unix will help you if you move to the Mac platform.

What is my budget

Can not ensure that a platform is more expensive as some PC manufacturer has more expensive models, but we can say that it is easy to get a PC cheaper than a Mac For example, if we see that the Mac that we have a processor, amount of RAM and disk size, we can compare against a PC with the same features and will surely find one that is between 15% and 25% cheaper than Apple.


Let us not be persuaded by aesthetics or by misleading advertising. When buying a computer think it is what we need.
My suggestion is, if you will use your computer to connect to the Internet, check your email, surf the web and write a document from time to time, you can choose any platform.
If you’re going to build a network of computers in your company, I recommend you think of a PC.
If you are working with graphics programs probably already have experience in either platform and can choose which you prefer. If not, you can think of a Mac