Part Time Job – 12th Pass Freshers Can Apply

Part Time Job – 12th Pass Freshers Can Apply

Earn Upto Rs. 1 Lakh Per Month

Work Duration: 4-5 Hrs /Day

12th Pass Freshers Can Apply


About Recruitment Program: Opportunity to kick start your career as a freelance recruiter with Awign. Details about the job: You will have to refer candidates for the jobs that are available on our platform. Impact on the users for working on this vertical: You will earn money & will gain recruiting experience by working with Awign.

Job Qualifications

  • Age: 18+ years
  • People who are looking for opportunities to earn money.

Job Role and Responsibilities

  • Refer interested and  relevant candidates across open jobs
  • Providing Basics details, like Name, Number, Email & Qualifications of your referred candidates.
  • Aligning and following up with your referred candidates in case they don’t respond.

Salary and Other Benefits

  • Earn Referral Income up to 1 Lakh or even more depending on successful selection and work completion by your candidates.
  • Recruiting Industry Experience.
  • Training to get new candidates apart from your own network.
  • Dashboard to track your referred candidate status with complete transparency.
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime.

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