Tips On Dealing With Criticism Of Your BLOG

Tips On Dealing With Criticism Of Your BLOG

It’s our human nature to get furious whenever we hear any criticism about us. But blogging world is something where you need to take precautions to deal with such criticisms. Read this article to get to know the tips or steps that you must follow in order to deal with such people.

If your blog gets more than 300 visitors per day or you have a great relation with your subscribers, you may get at least 2-3 responses on your blog daily. Few of them appreciates your work, few share their ideas, few adds extra knowledge to the article and unfortunately few of them criticizes your work.

I don’t have the luxury of knowing your feelings but it always hurts me whenever someone criticizes my work. I usually spend a lot of  time on my websites sharing the things that I know or sharing the things that I want you to know.

For this whole article I am going to talk about the tips to deal with the people who criticizes your blog or your products/services.

First of all I want to say that you shouldn’t be feel bad after reading a criticized comment (I know it is hard to do). People usually post such comments due to following reasons:

  • They have high expectation from you: If people have high expectation and you don’t meet their expectation, obviously they’ll be frustrated. In this case, I think that it’s your fault as you couldn’t outperform their expectation.
  • They had a bad day: You are not a god and you cannot do anything in this case. If a person had a bad day, obviously he needs someone to relieve his frustration. Actually it’s your bad luck that he chose you for this task.
  • They couldn’t find what they are looking for: In this case, I think you also cannot do much. Everybody needs different things and you don’t have the luxury to know everybody’s desire. But you should try to put as much information in your blog as you can. But make sure that you should not cross 1800 words as people may begin to find that article boring.
  • Use of Advanced English: Many of your visitors are from Europe, in my case the stat is 38%, and they are basically not so good in English (apart from few English speaking countries). If you have used advanced English, it may be hard for them to understand and they will get frustrated.

Of course there are many more reasons which I did not write. I guess now you are aware of the things that make people frustrated.

Alone knowing the reasons will get you nowhere. You must take some steps to minimize the recurrence or to build a good relationship with the people who criticizes your work.

Fortunately the reasons for the criticism are many but the cure is just one procedure with four steps.

  1. Get to Know the Problem: The first thing that you need to do it to get to know the reason of the people’s frustration. Most people usually use the “Comment” section to put such criticized words. it’s better to reply them and ask the reason of such comments.
  2. Apologize: No matter whether it’s your mistake or not, you must put your ego aside and apologize to him. This will help you in many ways. First thing is that it may help you build a strong relationship with the person. Second thing is that it will show your readers that you are a humble person and don’t bother to admit the mistakes that you do (even if you have not done any).
  3. Provide a Solution: You must always provide a solution to their question. If you get criticized on the quality of the blog and those things then the best thing to write is “I will surely take care of this next time”.
  4. Stay Calm: Reading a criticized comment may get you furious sometimes but you must not lose your temper and stay calm. If you get furious, you may reply some absurd things to them and this will only make the situation worse.

Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to share it with your friends.