5 Basic Twitter Tips To Get More Followers

5 Basic Twitter Tips To Get More Followers

Ever wondered how to take some time out of your busy schedule and spend on Twitter to grow your social community furher? Read this article to get to know various ways to handle your Twitter account efficiently

From the past 6-7 years, Social Networking websites have grown a lot with millions of active users every month. It’s good for your website if you can bring few people from those million people to your website.

But it is not an easy task make someone visit your website. For this you need to create some strategies to make them visit your website.

If you are using Twitter for a while, by the time now, you might have realized that Twitter is the best source for your website among all the social networking websites.

During the whole article I am only going to talk about Twitter because it is the best source of traffic for most of the websites apart from search engines.

1: Follow Targeted People

The first thing that we need to do is to follow people. If you have less than 500 Twitter followers, I suggest you to start following people on Twitter.

If you follow them, hopefully they will get notification and will follow you back. In this way you can grow your Twitter community.

There is one more thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you only need to follow targeted people. By targeted, I mean the people whose interest matches with the niche of your website.

Suppose if you run a website which delivers tutorials on Photoshop, Lightroom or photography, it’s better to follow photographers or digital artists, designers rather than following lawyer, IT guys.

Following targeted people is really a tedious task especially when you don’t want to pay for any services. One thing you can do to save your time is by browsing the Twitter profile for your competitors and start following the followers of that websites.

2: Unfollow the People who are not Following You

If you are handling your company’s Twitter profile then I am very much sure that you did not create that profile just to browse the home page and read the other’s tweet. You surely have your own personal account to do these kind of stuffs.

So if you don’t even browse the home page or stream that what’s the use of following the people who are not following you back?

In fact, if you don’t have more than 2000 followers, you need to do it at a certain point of time. Twitter has set a limit under which you cannot follow more than 2000 people until and unless you have more than 2000 followers. So if you have hit the ceiling and you still don’t have 2000 followers, you need to take this step.

A question might be there in your mind is that do I need to open everyone’s profile and check whether he is following me or not. Wouldn’t it be so time consuming and boring?

The answer to this question is No. There are lot of free websites which provide you these kind of features for free. I personally like Justunfollow because of the clean and nice UI.

Just sign up for JustUnfollow and start unfollowing. Unfortunately there is a limit of the number of unfollows per day but you can remove that limit by paying a little amount.

3: Schedule Automatic Tweets

I know you are so busy and cannot tweet every time. To make your life easy,  you can schedule your tweets.

There are various websites that can do it for you for free of cost. One of the website that I like most is Hootsuite. One more site is there with similar features: Bufferapp.com

One of the main advantage of automatic tweets is that your Twitter profile will be able to tweet at the time when you are driving or you are sleeping or you are having a personal time. Just sign up with Hootsuite and write a tweet and schedule it and then forget about it. Your tweet will be tweeted at the exact time it is supposed to be.

I suggest you to schedule multiple tweet roughly at intervals to 8-10 hours so that you can cover the entire time zone.

Make sure that you should not tweet same tweet every time. It will make your Twitter profile kind of “spammy”. If you really want to tweet same thing twice or thrice then do it with at least an interval of 48-72 hours.

The things that you can schedule is your blog posts, new posts, services, tips, company images and so on.

4: Share Things About You and Your Employers

Your genuine followers are always eager to know about you and your employers.

You should share your experience and your employer experiences too. These experiences include the problem you faced while building your website, your plans for future, the projects you are currently working on .

5: Always Reply to the Tweets You are Mentioned In

You are having a Twitter account because you want to grow you network and networking is not a one side job. Just because bunch of people are following you doesn’t mean that you have a vast network.

You need to interact with them as well. I know you might be too busy to interact with each and every people you are following. So the best way to interact with them is by replying them whenever they asks something.

The question can be anything. It may be about your company, about the services you provide, asking for help. It is always good to reply to those people as long as you have time to reply them.

There will by many times when someone mentioned you on a tweet and appreciates you or your company. It will always be nice to reply to those guys with a sweet “Thanks”.

Make sure that you don’t overdo the “Reply”. It may irritate your followers. Suppose you get mentioned 50 times a day,  it would be irritating for your followers if they see your tweet 50 times a day and the tweet only says “Thank You”.