What, When And How To Comment On Others Blog To Grow Your Network

What, When And How To Comment On Others Blog To Grow Your Network

There is a huge misconception among the new bloggers is that blog commenting is for traffic generation. You may get traffic after commenting on other blogs but the number of visitors you will not be more than 100 a month or little more than that.

The main strategy behind the commenting is networking with other bloggers. Of course you can ask other bloggers to befriend you on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. but for sure no one will accept your invitation. So in order to network with them, you need to follow a strategy which requires time and effort but the result would be perfect.

I am not saying that you need to comment on every blog you read. I am saying that you should comment on blog posts which you find great and there are already more than 5 comments present. To know when, what, and how to comment on those blogs; read the below steps.

How Often Should You Comment?

Most bloggers say that you should do commenting for at least 30 minutes a day. No offence to those bloggers but I would like change the line a little bit. As I have already said in many of my previous blog posts, the initial phase of a blog requires maximum input but produces very low output. Same case is also applied here.

If you are a new blogger or you do not have a great network, you need to put in a huge effort in order to network with others. I suggest you to dedicate at least 60 minutes a day to read and leave valuable comments on other blog posts. According to me, you can read at least 8-9 posts during this time and you can leave total 8-9 comments.

If your network is growing, you can lower down the amount of time spent on commenting. You can lower it down to 45 minutes a day and then further lower it down to 30 minutes a day.

I cannot say when should you lower down the time spent on commenting but this is a question that you should know the answer and the answer to this question varies person by person. When you begin to feel that your network is expanding, probably that time you can lower down the time on commenting.

When to Leave Comment?

It is a tricky question and there is no rigid answer. The only thing that I can say that you should comment on the blog which has slightly higher traffic than your blog.

So the question is that how do I know whether the traffic on other’s blog is more than mine or not.There are many ways to determined this.

***The first thing that you can do is by checking the Alexa rank of the blog. If the Alexa rank of his blog is better than yours, there is a chance that hi blog is getting more traffic than yours. Make sure that there should not be a huge difference in your Alexa rank and his Alexa rank.

***Generally a site with Alexa rank less than 100,000 is considered to be a well performing website. So if his blog’s Alexa rank is less than 100,000, a chance is that his is getting a good traffic. I strongly suggest your to install Alexa plugin for your browser.

***You can also check the average comment he gets per blog posts. If it is more than 10, he has a good number of loyal readers.

How to Comment?

Of course commenting is not as simple as it looks. You need to read the posts and then think over it and then comment on it.

So make this thing easy, you can subscribe to the blog RSS (Really Simple Syndication). Almost all the blog offers subscription via RSS. If RSS subscription is not available, I suggest you to subscribe to their newsletters. I am not saying to subscribe all the blogs that you visit but subscribe only those which you find valuable and has a better traffic than yours.

The main advantage of the subscription is that you will be notified as soon as a new post publishes. Suppose you follows 20 blogs and each blog publishes 2 posts each week. So the average email that you get per week is 40 (I know it is too much but you need to put your effort in order to network better). You can spend your 60 minutes which I discussed in the previous point to read these new blog posts and after reading, write your valuable comment.

What to Write as a Comment?

This is also a tricky question with flexible answer. Generally answer to these type of questions are pretty much tricky as well as hard to get.

One thing for sure is that, never write “Awesome post”, “Thank you for Your Great Post”, “Cool post”, “Amazing post. Visit my website too” etc. type of comments. There is a chance that your comment will be marked as spam and if it does not marks as spam, you will receive nothing as reward.

It’s better if you follow below rules while commenting.

  • The best thing that you can leave as a comment is a question. Ask a very targeted question to the blog author such that the author must think about the answer to the question for a while. It’s OK if he doesn’t answer to that question but he will surely remember you for few days and after few days, again shoot him with a targeted question. Once you do it for 5-6 times, I am sure he will remember your name and face, and one day he will reply you for sure.
  • It is not always mandatory to write comments for your benefit only. You can also help other people who ask their doubts in the comment section. Almost all the comment section is loaded with a “Reply” feature where you can reply to any blog comment.
  • You can counter the points that are listed in the post also. But before countering, make sure that your words do not look much offensive and should not hurt the author feelings. I suggest you to read twice or thrice and analyze all the psychological aspects that the comment may leave on the authors mind.
  • You can also provide your valuable points in the comment section. Suppose you are reading a post which you already have an idea of and you know more than the author about that specific topic. Feel free to share that knowledge in the comment section. But one thing that you must keep in your mind is that you should not write 100 or more than 100 words to show your knowledge. Your comment may be marked as a spam by automatic spam detectors. Summarize all the important points within 50-80 words.
  • Provide your opinion about the post your read. By providing your opinion I do not mean about the phrases/lines like “Awesome post”. I mean provide a genuine opinion of 30-40 words.
  • If you read something inside the post that has already happened to you, feel free to share it with others in the comment section. Do not explain the whole story. Summarize it within 50-60 words.
  • One more thing that you can do is to leave funny comments. It will be good for you if the author laughs on your comment

And this is it. Now it is up to you to follow these golden rules of commenting.

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