Tips On Using YouTube As Marketing For Your Business

Tips On Using YouTube As Marketing For Your Business

Ever wondered how you can use YouTube to promote your business or website. This article provides all the ways which you can use to promote your website via YouTube.

Marketing via YouTube is nowadays a common thing. Many multinational companies are already doing it. They post the video adverts, product information, service information there and, if done correctly, earns a lot “Brand Awareness” from there.

I have never done any promotion via YouTube or Vimeo but I am planning to start doing it in near future. In fact, most bloggers are earning more from YouTube rather than their own website.

So what makes YouTube so much special to promote your website?

Nowadays most people prefer to watch videos rather than reading it. They feel comfortable while watching videos. Maybe this is the reason, why nowadays online courses are getting more famous day by day.

YouTube, founded in 2004, has a vast collection of videos. You just need to sign up there and upload your video there. The video can be an advert, your website promotion, webinar, tutorial and so on.

The good part is that YouTube has million number of viewers. So if done correctly, your video may be seen by million of people around the world with absolutely no cost. This is why YouTube is one of the most famous way to promote your website and main advantage is that it is totally free.

There is one more plus point for using YouTube. IF your video goes viral then it would be extremely beneficial for you. But making a video that goes viral is not an easy task. Probably you want to read my article on Viral Marketing where I discussed ways to make a thing goes viral.

Keys to Remember while Creating a YouTube Video:

I know that a question must be there on your mind – What are the things that I need to remember while creating YouTube videos.

The answer to the question is pretty much simple. Just make a video that is easy to understand by all the viewers. Below are some important points that you should remember.

1: It would be best if you keep the video short and simple. Don’t exceed the video length more than 9 minutes unless you are uploading a webinar.

2: If the duration of the webinar is more than 60 minutes, try to split the video into two parts with 30 minutes each. For example, if the length of the webinar is 150 minutes, try to split the video into 5 parts with each part of 30 minutes duration. Never forget to apply an annotation which points to the next part.

3: Start the video with the logo of your company or website. It is better if you create a 2-3 seconds of introduction video where you just show an animation of your logo, tagline etc.

4: If you are sharing your laptop screen on YouTube or you need to create a video where you need to record your laptop screen, make sure that the video is at least 720p.

5: It would be great if you put your words too in the video. For this purpose, I suggest you to buy a good microphone. Never use your laptop’s inbuilt microphone for YouTube videos because the quality of those microphones are not great.

6: Ask the viewers to visit your website, subscribe your channel, comment on the video, like your video.

7: Provide a Call to Action. You can do it by providing them free eBook.

8: Make your YouTube channel homepage super awesome. If you can spend some bucks, hire a professional to decorate your YouTube channel page.

I know the above points are too much to follow. If you are a beginner, I suggest you to check out the YouTube channel page of some world-famous bands, multinational companies, world-famous authors etc. and analyze the techniques that they used in their YouTube channel.

Of course you cannot make your channel as perfect as them because they all hired professionals to handle their channel but at least you can learn from them.